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The introduction of Shenzhen AIHUA Survey Engineering Co,.Ltd

Shenzhen AIHUA Survey Engineering Co., Ltd. (“The company”) was established in April 1998. It is a professional surveying company with complete qualification and credit system, strong technical force, advanced management concept, and rapid market development. In 2016, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

Qualification Credit: The company owns many Qualifications that include: Class A Qualifications on Geodetic Surveying, Surveying and Mapping of Aerial Photography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Engineering Surveying, Real Estate Surveying and Mapping (Census Cadastral Surveying, Real Estate Surveying, Administrative Boundary Mapping), Marine Surveying and Mapping, Map surveying and Engineering Survey (Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying). Qualification of Information System Integration and Service. Class B Qualification on Geological Prospecting (Solid Mineral Exploration) and Land Planning. Class C Qualification on Geological Disasters (Exploration, Assessment, Design, Governance), and Inspection and Detection Qualifications (CMA). The company is a high-tech dual-software enterprise that has passed “Five-In-One” Management System Certifications including ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC27001, GB/T29490-2013 Quality System. Since its establishment, the company has won many honors in national and provincial level of Guangdong such us “Contract-honored and Credit-worthy Companies”, “Chinese Surveying and Mapping Industry Credit Management Model Enterprises”, “AAAAA-Grade Credit Enterprise”, “AAA-Class Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise”, “Good-faith Demonstration enterprise in Guangdong Province” and other honorary titles.

Technical talents: The company not only has more than a dozen outstanding registered engineers (geotechnical, surveying and mapping, first-class structure, first-class construction, and supervision), but also has more than 70 technical personnel with senior and intermediate titles in specialties such as surveying and mapping, survey and design, construction engineering, and computer software development.

Research and development capabilities: The company has established a technology research and development department, built a professional technology research and development team, and configured high-performance network servers and professional workstations. A technical R&D team composed of industry experts and master graduate students has been set up, closely following the frontier technology of the survey industry, and possessing research and development capabilities in program design, software development, data collection, database construction, project supervision, information system integration, etc., with urban management and national territory. The company has a number of patented products with independent intellectual property rights for the construction of large-scale GIS data, such as mineral resources, pipeline networks, and water conservancy facilities.

Quality Control: The company not only has an independent quality inspection and audit department, but also has established an expert technical committee, focusing on the technical design, program review, construction organization, quality control and acceptance of the company's undertaking of large and medium-sized projects.

Development Vision: Since 2016, the company has grown rapidly and the market has been distributed nationwide. It has established 60 branches in Xinjiang, Hubei, Guangdong, Tianjin, Anhui, Guizhou and other provinces, and has actively participated in the second national land survey and rural development. Registration and certification of collective land rights, registration and certification of rural residential land ownership, certification of rural land contracting rights, survey of geographical conditions, general survey of geographical names, etc., with services close to customers and good social credit.

Leadership Concern: The company's growth and development has always been the care of superior departments and industry leaders. In November 2004, the leaders of the Department of Land and Resources of Guangdong Province accompanied the delegation of the National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of Vietnam to visit our company and gave a high evaluation. In October 2006, the company participated in the "China Surveying and Mapping 50 Years Achievement Exhibition". The former Deputy Director of the National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Li Weisen came to the scene, affirming the rapid development of the company, and was pleased to inscribe: “Facing the industry, serving the community, building a survey of information future”. In December 2007, Zhang Xinmin, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Land and Resources, visited the company and encouraged the company and wrote an inscription: “Courage to develop, be willing to sacrifice, establish a brand for the surveying and mapping industry”. On June 24, 2009, Li Weisen, deputy director of the former State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, led a delegation to the company's inspection work, affirmed the company's development and achievements, and encouraged the company to make persistent efforts to establish a model for private surveying enterprises.

Brand building: The company pays attention to brand building and corporate culture, attaches great importance to the establishment of corporate integrity, and has won many honors such as “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise” and “China's Surveying and Mapping Industry Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise” awarded by the national and Guangdong Provinces.

The company has established a party branch, a trade union organization, and a youth league organization to cultivate the feelings of the company’s employees patriotic, affection of their family and the company with corporate culture. The company has registered its trademark, established a Chinese and English website (www.szahkc.com), and set up a quality complaints and after-sales service center. 

The company's “Four-Perfect” quality policy, “Four-Win” enterprise spirit, “Four-Common” corporate purpose, that is “Perfect, Win, Common” culture, demonstrates the unique corporate culture of the company and has been registered in the national intellectual copyright website.

“Four-Perfect” quality policy: Well-designed; Accurate surveying; Precision products; Sophisticated services.

“Four-Win” enterprise spirit: Advance with the times to seek opportunities; Make great efforts to gain development; Create remarkable excellence to match the honor; Grow stronger and larger to win the future.

“Four-Common” corporate purpose: With efforts to progress; With contribution to develop.

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