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The company’s objectives on quality and duration:Qualified rate of surveying product:100%,High quality rate:over 88%,After-asles services rate:100%,Customer satisfaction rate:over 90%,Duration guarantee rate:over95%.

AIHUA peoples's Oath:Strives for success,hard working and improvement;Faithful and honest,observe disciplines and obey laws;Creation of value and achieving the ideal;Service the society and repay the country.

AIHUA leadership's Oath:Observe disciplines and obey laws;Stay close to the grassroots conduct research;Share lost of commons, weal and woe;Sincere treatment with each other and make great achievement together.

AIHUA people's motto:Not to find an excuse for failure,only to find a way to success.

Four Quality Policy:High quality design,High quality survey,High quality product,High quality service

Four Win Spirits:Develop with the times, to win the opportunity;Work hard with the persistence,to win the development;Create excellent with the concertation,to win the respect;Expansion with high quality,to win the future.

Four Together Purposes:Work together,Progrress together,Dedication together,Development together.

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