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The Company’s Development Process


In October 2003,we settled the Shenzhen AIHUA Mapping Co.Ltd., had a B qualification for surveying and mapping in December.

In June 2006,the company got a A qualification and changed its name to Shenzhen AIHUA Surveying Engineering Co. Ltd.

In July 2006,the company launched the MTV promo”Edward mapping song”which embodied the corporate culture.

In August 2006,the company set up its first branch in Xinjiang.

In July 2008,the company obtained a B qualification for reconnaissance.

In August 2008,the trade union committee was settled.

In October 2010,the company founded the Communist Youth League.

In March 2011,AIHUA was identified as a software company,at the same time,the”Double Soft Certification”passed smoothly and we were awarded for “Registration Certificate Of Computer Software Products”and “Computer Software Enterprise”.

In June 2011, the company obtained a C qualification for land planning.

In August 2011,registered the writing copyright about the core concept of corporate culture("Fine,Win,Together")and issued the copyright registration certificate of People's Republic of China State Copyright Bureau,the culture was protected by the intellectual property rights.

In September 2012,the“AIHUA People”was awarded for bronze medal for the best business newspaper on the campaign which was sponsored by the Pearl River Delta Enterprise Culture Association in Guangdong Province.

In November 2013, the company's "land planning agency certificate" was promoted to B qualification.

In June 2016, the company achieved B qualification for solid mineral exploration.

In November 2016, the company passed the "National High-Tech Enterprises" identification.

In July 2017,the company acquired the qualification for information system integration and service.

In July 2017,the company obtained a comprehensive A qualification of Surveying and mapping.

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