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The Democratic Life Meeting of the 22nd Branch Committee of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province was held in our company
On the afternoon of August 19th, the 22nd Party Branch of the Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province and the party members of the Party Branch of Shenzhen Aihua Survey Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly held a democratic life meeting of party members in the Aihua Survey Party Building Office. The comrades attending the meeting were: Nine Xiaogang, Zhang Xiaohuang, Qiu Guangchun, Chen Aihua, Sun Xiaolong, Cai Qirui, Liu Weifeng, Wang Yujun, Zhou Danyan of the 22 branch, Nan Zhiyong, Pigeon, and Diao Yunfei of the Aihua survey branch. Organizing Committee member Sun Xiaolong presided over, and the Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce Guo Lunliang attended the meeting. Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, Xie Qiulin and Pan Baoliang, attended the meeting and gave lectures.
"Get up! People who don't want to be slaves! Build our flesh and blood into our new Great Wall! ..." With the majestic and solemn "National Anthem" playing, all party members quickly stood up, with awe and respect, and all were full of spirit, The enthusiasm of blood, the 22 members of the Democratic Life Association kicked off.
The meeting was first organized by the branch propaganda committee member Comrade Wang Yujun to study the document "Notice on carefully organizing and studying General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions to Guangdong's work", and then the branch secretary Comrade Nie Xiaogang led the criticism and self-criticism.
Under the leadership of Secretary Nie, all 11 party members and comrades who participated in the meeting made profound criticism and self-criticism. Everyone was full of blood and heart, and several comrades of more than 10 years of party age said they were participating in the democratic life meeting for the first time, which was deeply shocking and of great significance.
At the meeting, Comrade Zhang Xiaohuang, deputy secretary of the general branch, said that the 22nd branch was the first to set up a branch and the first to hold a democratic life meeting. As a member of the 22nd branch, he was very proud.
Comrade Chen Aihua, chairman of the chamber of commerce and chairman of the company, said that he has been pursuing the party for more than 30 years. Last year, he finally got his wish and became a member of the Communist Party. Today is also the first time to participate in such a meeting, with a learning attitude and feeling Quite deep, benefiting a lot, from now on I will always play a vanguard and exemplary role, make my own business better, and strive to serve the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce.
For this meeting, Director Pan Baoliang, the consultant of the Chamber of Commerce who attended the meeting, spoke highly of it. He was also the first time to participate in the democratic life meeting organized by social organizations, and he was deeply educated.
Immediately afterwards, the director of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Xie Qiulin, also gave full affirmation to this democratic life meeting. He said that today's overall atmosphere and the serious attitude of party members were all unexpected, the meeting was well prepared, the procedures were in place, met the requirements, and was very successful and well educated.
At the end of the meeting, Comrade Guo Lunliang, secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce, organized everyone to vote for the hometown of Huanggang to participate in the selection of "Charming China Town" and took a group photo.

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