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Careful study of ‘two studies and one action’—To celebrate the 95th anniversary of Party building
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Careful study of ‘two studies and one action’—To celebrate the 95th anniversary of Party building

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Careful study of ‘two studies and one action’—To celebrate the 95th anniversary of Party building

(Summary description)


Secretary: Nan Zhiyong

July, 1, 2016 marked the 95th anniversary on the founding of Chinese Communism Party. It is a big day for all Party member. On this festive moment, ‘Celebration of the 95th Anniversary of Chinese Communism Party by Working Committee Organized by New Economic Outfit and New Social Outfit in Futian District’ was successfully held in Renmin Tower. In the convention, secretary Ji and Mr. Zheng Zhirong, leader of working committee of new economic outfit and new social outfit, gave important speeches indicating that grassroots Party outfits and communism party members should be self-disciplined, comply with laws and rules and carefully learn about ‘two studies and one action’.

I. Meeting gist:

1. Topic of the meeting: to carefully and profoundly carry out ‘two studies and one action’ activity and endeavor to build a learning-oriented and service-oriented fundamental Party outfits. In the meeting, Secretary Ji elaborated the topic in simple words and got highly received among people present.

Meeting spot

2. Award to outstanding Party outfits and Party members: in the work of Party affairs in recent years, Party workers at the grassroots would constantly free their minds, be down-to-earth and carefully collaborate with work of new economic and social outfits in order to closely combine Party building work and corporate development. They make active contribution to economic and social development in Futian District and got consistent approval from the District committee.

Outstanding Party member representatives got the reward on stage

 II. ‘Two studies and one action’ activity

Contents of ‘to studies and one action’ : 1. To study Party rules and constitution of the Communism Party; 2. To study and implement major speech spirits of General Secretary Xi Jinping, 3. To be a qualified Party member’. In February, 2016, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee printed and released Plan on Study and Education of ‘Studying Party Constitution and Rules and Serial Speeches and Being Qualified Party Member. It also sent out notification requiring that all sectors and districts carefully implement it. It would carry out ‘two studies and one action’ education, which is a major practice for deepening in-Party education of all Party members and an important measure to spur Party education to extend towards a wide base of Party members from ‘a key few’ and extend towards often education from clustered study.

The study mainly covers: Constitution of Chinese Communism Party, Rules for Clean, Honest and Self-disciplined Chinese Communism Party, Rules for Disciplinary Treatment of Chinese Communism Party, Textbook for Major Speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping (2016 edition) and so forth.

As a member of the big family of Chinese Communism Party, Communism Party Branch of Shenzhen Aihua Survey Engineering CO., Ltd. should strictly comply with requirements of the Party Central Committee, carefully study ‘two studies and one action’, comply with constitution of the Party, strictly observe Party discipline, constantly improve comprehensive qualifications of the Party outfits and make its due contribution to both the Party and its people.

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